About Us

Welcome to UFO Sightings, your place to be for everything about UFOs and unexplained phenomena in the sky.

UFO Sightings is a volunteer platform that collects and shows you the best UFO videos in the world. We attempt to collect footage from around the world, shot by real people. No CGI or commercial content, but real sightings of UFOs recorded by ordinary citizens.

The UFO phenomena is real. For years people have said these sightings can be explained, or that people were hallucinating. Until scientists started to join the movement and people like Stephen Hawking publicly stated they were UFO believers too.

Now the governments of the world have admitted they are also noticing the same phenomena in the sky. Several videos have been released, by for example the US government, showing unexplained craft doing extreme things up in the sky.

So it is time to form a real front of truth. It is time to realize that we are not alone, and that we should take this very seriously. UFO Sightings will attempt to make the UFO subject main stream, and that is why we want you to help too. We do not claim this is all alien life, we simply want to know the truth.

If you have recordings of the UFO sightings you witnessed yourself, submit them to us and we will help you publish them. We do not make any money with your content, we just want everyone to see it. We believe everyone deserves access to the real facts, unbiased, and if we collect footage from people who don’t benefit in any way, but are just wondering, we can show the world what goes on.

Should you want to support us in our quest for truth, then you can visit our Patreon and you can donate something. All of the funds will go to travel costs and to buy equipment so we can create great footage of our own. Our teams will go around the world and record UFO footage for you to enjoy.

So bookmark this blog, subscribe to our Youtube channel and help spread the word. We depend on you to share the videos and together we will make a change in the world. We will reshape the mindset of people and make sure that everyone understands that the truth is out there.

If you want to communicate with other reporters of UFO sightings, or with our team, feel free to visit our chat. It is open to anyone!