Joe Rogan Experience #1315 – Bob Lazar & Jeremy Corbell

Bob Lazar is a former employee of Area 51, the famous United States military base used for testing new equipment. Area 51 has been in the news lately because of a major Facebook event involving over 2 million people. They were planning to raid the base together to expose alien life and secret UFO spacecraft. Now, we don’t know if those things really exist at the base, but we do know about Bob Lazar.

His story is different than the story of other witnesses, in the sense that he never wanted to be famous. He never accepted money for anything he did and he just wanted to be left alone. The money he did receive for some interviews was all given away to charities.

After working at Area 51 and exposing some things that happened there, over 20 years ago, he shocked the UFO community. His story about reverse engineered spacecraft and a thing called “element 115” was the most reliable testimony ever seen. Even skeptics walked away when “element 115” was added to the periodic table years after Bob Lazar talked about it.

He also asked his friends to come watch the sky with him at specific times, knowing that they would be testing certain craft. Everyone saw the same weird things in the sky. And recordings were made of it. Then the government tried to cover things up, and tried to claim that Bob Lazar never worked at Area 51, never studied at certain colleges he said he studied at. But the government cover up was exposed later on when his name in fact turned up in phone records, and when former students and teachers at the schools recognized him and supported his story.

The interview below done by podcaster Joe Rogan gives a good insight into the story of Bob Lazar. Whether you believe him or not, it is an amazing podcast to listen to and it will open your eyes to what might be possible. In fact, many say that the story of Bob Lazar is the reason people are even interested in Area 51 and what might go on there.

Have fun!

Watch the full interview:

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